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Everything You NEED To Know To Conceal & Carry Or Owning a Gun in Florida
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It is NOT just another “legal” book on Florida gun laws.
It is NOT a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo that’s confusing or difficult to read -- Yet after you read this, you will understand the Florida gun laws on a VERY DEEP LEVEL.
It is NOT about using a firearm in self-defense - Yet these secrets will help you make faster decisions during a violent attack. 

Florida Concealed Carry Law is 

Understanding when you can and when you cannot use a firearm in self-defense can be complicated. A minor mistake could land you in prison and hesitation could get you or your family killed. Inside you will find the actual playbook we created after interviewing and training thousands of law-abiding gun owners in Florida. You now have access to all of the information, Florida statutes, and mindsets that you can use to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

Plus...If You Order My Book Today I am Going To Give You a few FREE Bonuses....

  • BONUS #1: The Florida Concealed Carry Law Online Workbook. The best way to absorb all of this powerful information is to put "pen-to-paper" so I developed on online fillable workbook so you can easy document your answers.
  • BONUS #2: The Florida Concealed Carry Law 2022 Audio Book. It's hard to read sometimes, I get it. I love to listen as I am driving and that's why I made this Audiobook for you. To make it super convenient to learn the important laws, even on the go. 
  • BONUS #3: Three of my all-favorite Dry Fire Training Drills to practice at home.

Introducing The Florida
Concealed Carry & Gun Ownership Law Book...
The Underground Playbook for Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe…. and Staying Out of Jail

J. Mills

I just finished your book. What a great read. I just moved here from Ohio. So this book was a great way to learn the laws of Fl. "Yes", you may have the right to shoot" but is that what's best for this situation! I'll be looking to sign up for some of your classes. Keep up the good work "sheepdog".

Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You’ll Be Given In This Book...

  • The FIRST thing I tell all of my students is the "What Would I Do If Game". By playing this mental game you will be preparing your mind and body to quickly respond during a violent attack.
  • ​How the BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life has led me to my greatest passion
  • ​Which Florida gun laws you MUST follow and which ones have never existed.
  • ​Do you want to understand the true meaning of the second amendment? Read this book to discover why the founders added the second amendment to the bill of rights, how gun control has been used to control people through history and the US Supreme Court's explanation for the second amendment. 
  • ​The 5 major FEDERAL GUN LAWS every gun owner must know… PLUS: How these federal guns laws have failed at achieving their goal...
  • ​Understand where you can and cannot HAVE YOUR FIREARM in Florida… I also destroy some of the firearm industry's most popular myths
  • ​Want to learn how to legally transport a firearm in a vehicle, an airplane or out of state? I break down the different federal and local statutes to make understanding this process simple and easy
  • ​How MEDICAL MARIJUANA affects your right to carry, possess or touch firearms or ammunition
  • ​Peak behind the scenes of REAL LIFE self defense incidents… Learn what the victims did right, what they did wrong and what Florida gun law has to say about it...
  • ​Why NOT USING YOUR firearm may be the greatest decision you ever make…
  • ​If you think you know when you can and cannot use a firearm in self defense...think again! I’ll show you exactly what has to happen before you can legally use or threaten to use your firearm… 
  • The SURPRISING truth and Florida’s stand your ground law...It's not what you think it is… pg 111
  • ​What REALLY HAPPENED in the Michael Drejka shooting in Clearwater, FL? Was the use of deadly force justified or not? And what massive mistakes were made…. pg 115
  • ​The SHOCKING TRUTH about using a firearm to protect your personal property… The rules are not what you think they are… pg 99
  • ​Why I love the CASTLE DOCTRINE LAW… PLUS: The three things that must happen for this law to apply to you… pg 131
  • ​How this one idea would have SAVED Michael OVER $80,000 and years of stress… pg163
  • ​Would you shoot or don’t shoot? We discuss several real life situations to discover the best course of action to keep you and your family members safe… pg165 
  • ​The SECRET TO SELF DEFENSE is not having a firearm concealed… It's a combination of these four critical concepts.
  • ​Anyone can carry a gun concealed but few people possess the most important quality of a responsible concealed carry permit holder.


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This Book Is Already Doing For Others Just Like You...

Joey Five

I have read this book and I think it is a great resource and tool for anyone who is interested in getting a concealed carry permit. It covers pretty much everything you need to know about the current laws for Concealed Carry in Florida along with what steps to take if you find yourself in a real-life self-defense situation. What I enjoyed most from this book is how the Author incorporates His own personal experiences that give the reader a true feeling of how quickly your daily routine can turn really bad really quickly. His knowledge along with His sense of humor helps bring in the human element for all types of people to relate to. I highly recommend this book to all that are interested in the Concealed Carry world!


Everything you need to know in one easy to read book. Well worth the small investment to stay legal and avoid problems

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